About our Scout Troop

2nd Woodend Scout Troop has around thirty active 10-14 year-old scouts, and five leaders. We are organised into 4 teams called patrols. Each patrol is led by a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader who are generally the more experienced scouts, and are elected by their patrol members. Every term the Troop Council – consisting of the Patrol Leaders – meets to provide direction and input into the future program so that it continues to be exciting and relevant. They also allocate new scouts to patrols and approve the award of the Scout Medallion.

Scouts – Our Approach

We provide a fun and friendly program which helps individual scouts achieve the best they can from the Scout award scheme. This is done by “learning through doing” – outdoor activities, games, camping and hiking. These are held on Monday night troop meetings, as well as outdoor camps on weekends and during school holidays. Weekend camps are optional, and generally we hold 2 camps per school term, plus other one-day activities such as First Aid, Canoeing and SCUBA. The aim – over the 3 or 4 years they are in scouts – is to introduce young people to a wide range of outdoor activities which not only help to develop their confidence and life skills, but also may spur a life-long passion for that particular activity.

The Scouts Award Scheme

The Scout award scheme has three levels – Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer. Each level consists of completing activities in Campcraft, Citizenship and one elective from a choice of Air Activities, Water Activities, Water Safety, Environment, Construction or Emergencies. Our program is designed to provide an opportunity for all scouts to complete a level each year – Pioneer around 11 years old, Explorer around 12 years, and Adventurer around 13. The highest award a scout can achieve is the Scout Medallion, and we actively support and encourage all scouts who have the determination and desire to achieve this prestigious award.

Scouts – Outdoor Activities

Some of the activities our scouts have participated in over the last few years include:

  • Sailing
  • Canoeing
  • Abseiling
  • Rock-Climbing
  • Camping
  • Caving
  • Environment
  • Landcare
  • Welding
  • Rafting
  • Hiking
  • Flying in a light aircraft
  • Water-Skiing
  • Orienteering & Rogaining
  • ANZAC Day
  • Gourmet Camp Cooking
  • Mountain-biking
  • Guiness Book of Records Piggy-Back race!

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