2nd Woodend Scout Group places a great emphasis on accurate and timely communication. Part of this is your involvement as a parent – our group endeavours to keep you up to date with what is happening in the term ahead, how you can help and giving you an insight to a movement that has more than 50 million young people world wide participating.

Platform/System Use
2nd Woodend Scouts Website
This website. Publicly available for general information about the 2nd Woodend Scout Group.

Regularly updated for prospective parents and members to learn about our activities and the way we operate.

Scouts Australia
Scouts Australia Official Website
Scouts Victoria
Scouts Victoria Official Website
Team App
Private App used for communication between parents and each section – Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Committee. All Parents, Cubs and Leaders, use Team App for Term Schedules, Events and Notices about fundraising, camps and general communications between parents and leaders.

Download on your mobile phone or tablet at Apple App Store + Google Play

Care Monkey 

Secure system for handling medical and emergency information of 2nd Woodend Scout Group members. Information such as allergies, medication, emergency contacts etc are safely housed here. Accessible only by authorised & qualified personnel.

Also used to manage attendance/bookings for district & regional camps and activities.

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Camping Equipment

To help you have fun in the great outdoors, you may need to equip your child with items of personal equipment such as a mess kit, sleeping bag, rucksack, sleeping mattress and so on.

The older your child gets the more of this type of equipment he or she will want. It is always worth buying good quality equipment that will last and continue to be suitable for many years. However, there is no rush to buy these things and they make great ideas for birthdays and Christmas.

“Tips for Camping Gear” below gives some advice on what camping gear to get.

If you need advice, please don’t hesitate to talk with one of the Leaders – many are experienced bush walkers and cycle tourers and will be able to give you plenty of advice and guidance!

But first, lets explain a couple of terms that may puzzle you at first:

Standing Camp

This is a camp where the cubs or scouts stay in one campsite for the whole camp. Larger tents are used, and usually a kitchen and dining tents are set up too. Food is normally provided as part of the camp fee, and cooking is done for the whole group, often by the scouts patrols on a roster basis. All major camping equipment is provided by the Scout Group, and individual scouts bring their personal equipment as per the “Gear List for Standing Camps” below. A 100-litre duffle bag or equivalent should fit all their gear.

Hiking Camp

This is a camp where the scouts hike from one campsite to another. Hike tents are used, and scouts do their own cooking on hike stoves. Although hike tents and stoves are provided by the Scout Group, food is not usually included in the camp fee, and scouts provide and cook their own food individually. The suggested gear to bring on a hike is listed below in the “Gear List for Hiking Camps”, and advice on the food to bring is in the “Sample Weekend Hike Menu”. All personal gear and food on a hike is carried by the individual in a Rucksack. The Scout Group has a small number of rucksacks for hire, but it is better if scouts can bring or borrow one of their own.

Dilly Bag

This is a cloth (not plastic) bag with a drawstring in which scouts keep their own mug, plate, bowl, tea towel and knife, fork and spoon on camp. You will certainly obtain one during your time in scouts, but if you don’t have one at first, a cloth library bag, or old tea towel folded in half and stitched up the sides, is fine.

Camp Blanket

This is a wool blanket that is very useful on camp. You can wrap it around you at night by the campfire, put it under your sleeping bag to keep you warm and comfortable when sleeping. In time you will sew your “blanket badges” onto it and build up quite a collection – to remind you of all the good times you’ve had on camp. It should be mostly wool – op shops are a good place to find them, or you can buy them from Snowgum stores.


Below are all the forms and information you will need for camps at 2nd Woodend.

 Description Document (Type, Size)
 Tips for Standing Camp Gear List Tips For Standing Camp Gear List (PDF, 254kB)
 Standing Camp Gear List Standing Camp Gear List (PDF, 254kB)
Sample Weekend Hike Menu Sample Weekend Hike Menu (PDF, 556kB)
 Hiking Gear List Hiking Gear List (PDF, 717kB)